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Werewolf Costumes to Make your Blood Run Cold

Posted on 20th August 2013
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Karnival Costumes logo In our continuing series of blog posts where we take a closer look at some of the major costume themes in a little more detail, we thought we’d turn our attention to one of the most popular themes, one that will make your blood run cold.  So as we move closer to the Halloween season let us introduce you to the life of the Werewolf with our blog on;

Werewolf Costumes to Make your Blood Run Cold

Half man and half wolf, a werewolf is processed of heightened senses and almost super strength which exceeds that of either man or wolf alone.  Werewolves have been prominent in mythology and are known in a number of cultures from around the world and surprisingly, the only real difference in the stories is the reasoning behind how a normal person becomes turned into the werewolf. 
In Native American culture it is believed that people can shape-shift into any animal including the werewolf.  Other cultures have the werewolf being created as a result of a curse being placed upon the victim by either a witch or a god.  From medieval times, Europeans have linked stories of werewolves and vampires together closely and both have been blamed for numerous, and otherwise unexplained, murders and bodily disappearances. It was also a widely held belief that werewolves became vampires when they died and that anyone believed to have been a werewolf should be cremated rather than simply buried so as to prevent the transformation between werewolf and vampire occurring.
Deluxe Werewolf Costumes from karnival Costumes your Halloween SpecialistBut before you can cremate your werewolf you have to kill him and although this has proven difficult, it’s not impossible as they do have a vulnerability to silver. The accepted norm for killing a werewolf is shooting it with a silver bullet or piercing its body with a silver dagger or sword.  In some versions of the tale however, the werewolf’s sensitivity to silver is such that they can become completely disorientated simply by being close to or seeing the metal.  And this fact could be the reason why many a European gentleman was to be seen with a walking cane with silver tip – just in case.
As a staple of mythology and the basis for many stories around the world, werewolf costumes continue to be one of the most popular fancy dress costume ideas for men of all ages.  And with the popularity of blockbuster movies such as An American Werewolf in London and Teen Wolf the stories are continually being retold entwining the werewolf further into the everyday fabric of life.  And with this continued popularity of the beast in books and movies this is sure to continue for some time. So if you’re in need of ideas for this Halloween season or you’ve been invited to attend a movie themed costume party and you’re not sure what theme to follow, why not join the army of the undead and join forces with all of the other zombies, vampires, ghouls, mummies and the like, with your own werewolf costume. It’s a sure way to bring a touch or horror and excitement to any costume party you may attend.
There is a huge array of werewolf costume styles available today and it’s clear that they are not all designed to be child friendly! So some careful thought maybe required as to which werewolf fancy dress costumes you’ll want to choose if you’re planning to attend a children’s costume or Halloween party. 
From the less scary and more humorous werewolf costume for children many of which do not have masks or if they do, they have the more open faced half masks with fur fabric elements through to theatrical or movie quality full fur fabric werewolf suits with shaped and fur covered heads which need only accenting with a small amount of dripping blood from the mouth and fangs to complete the look, there will definitely be a costume to suit all tastes and pockets.
Werewolf Teeth and Other Halloween Costumes Accessories from Karnival CostumesWith any costume theme, the choice of accessories is almost as important as choosing the right outfit but one of the positive aspects of selecting a werewolf costume is that few werewolf accessories will be required to complete your look, but a set of fangs and teeth to rip at your victim plus some additional hair for the hands or face will always add a final touch of horror and it is Halloween after all!  And remember if you have a partner and you want to be a couple they could make an excellent victim in ripped clothes and with bloody wounds from the werewolf’s claws or they could be a vampire born from a previous generation of werewolves.   
With the increasing popularity werewolves on the TV and in the movies, there is now no more popular costume theme for parties than the half man half wolf costume. For those of you wanting to adopt the look and take on the persona of a werewolf this Halloween, at Karnival Costumes we stock a huge selection of costumes and accessories for werewolves as well as all of the other Halloween themes.
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