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Why not host an 'Allo 'Allo costume party?

Posted on 23rd May 2014
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Why Not Host an 'Allo 'Allo Costume Party?

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‘Allo ‘Allo was a hit comedy series which was set during the second world war and revolved around the main character of René Artois who is a café owner in the Nazi-occupied French town of Nouvion. Because of his predicament, René spend the majority of his time trying to appease a range of opposing factions without being killed or put in front of a firing squad.  Like Dad’s Army this unlikely scenario proved to provide another long-running hit BBC One comedy.
Cafe Rene Character Costumes for 'Allo 'AlloWritten and performed as a farce, by the comedy-gold writing team of David Croft and Jeremy Lloyd it made great play of national stereotypes through a tight-knit cast of supporting characters which focused on sex-obsessed French and posh British idiots and far from alienating the population, it helped in the creation of the show becoming a massive success on both sides of the Channel and acro0ss Europe.
The program actually treated the subject of the war itself quite reverently focusing more on the local interaction of the café staff with both the Resistance movement as well as the Nazi occupiers who just to add a layer of comic complexity have stolen all of its valuable artefacts including the now legendary, painting of the Fallen Madonna ‘with the Big Boobies’, which they insist poor René keeps in hiding in his café. A Gestapo officer Herr Otto Flick is sent by Hitler to retrieve the painting for hi own collection. Herr Flick in turn, also conspires to keep them leading through various comic scenes to the painting being variously duplicated by a forger, getting mixed up, lost, found and even being stored in knackwurst sausages hidden in the cellar of Café René. Following the public reaction to the Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies other artefacts were introduced into the programme including the painting of the Cracked Vase with the big daisies by Van Gogh; the first cuckoo clock.
Although these missing artefacts and their hiding places make great props for any themed ‘Allo ‘Allo costume party, it’s the range of characters who give it it’s greatest appeal. You can easily obtain a complete listing of all of the various characters in the show but any German army costume or Gestapo inspired outfit will have you on one side whilst the café was always home to saucy French Maids, and very styled Frenchmen.  And don’t forget the Resistance who always appeared in raincoats with black berets and white ankle socks. At Karnival Costumes we stock everything you’ll need to create your own Café René and cast of characters.
Here we’ll just take a look at some of the most suitable costumes and accessories;
‘Allo ‘Allo Costumes
Instant Frenchman Costume
The ideal starting point for any French themed costume, our instant Frenchman outfit comprises of the iconic blue and white striped top, neck scarf, black beret and stylised self-adhesive black moustache.  Add a bottle of red plonk or a string of onions, see the accessories list and you’ll be right at home in Café Rene but don’t get tempted to eat any of the sausage you just don’t know what it contains!  Perfect for the two bungling British airmen Carstairs and Fairfax
Deluxe French Maid Costume from Karnival Costumes
Although the two waitresses worked in the bar of Café Rene, there was always a heavy undertone that they were offering additional services to the German officers and they even had there own business cards with Mimi having her own stating ‘top of the stairs and turn left’. Whilst Maria had some expertise with west celery! Any of our French maids will put you right in tune with the characters.  Our deluxe costume includes the dress, apron, cuffs and headpiece and is sure to become a favourite.
Nightshirts for Men and Women from Karnival Costumes
Rene’s mother-in-law, Madame Fanny La Fan used to sleep in the bedroom which had been used to house the radio set which was put there by the Resistance. She was usually seen sitting in bed as the radio, complete with “ze flashing knobs” used to come to life. Often seen next to her was the rascally old man, Monsieur Roger LeClerc the resistance’s own forger and café piano player – neither of which he was very good at.  Additionally he was a master of disguise and always when he entered the set, he would lift his glasses and introduce himself with the words; “It is I, LeClerc” – like we wouldn’t know! Don’t forget the bed caps.
Faux Leather German Coat at Karnival Costumes
A number of the main characters in the comedy were Germans from the Nazi occupying forces and additionally Hitler sent his own Gestapo officer, Herr Flick to retrieve the precious artefacts for himself. This long length black faux leather coat will be perfect for any of these characters. So grab yourself an image of the Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies and a large German sausage and you’ll be well away.
German Soldier Costume from Karnival Costumes
In keeping the Nazi Occupation of Nouvion at Karnival Costumes you’ll actually have a choice of German officer or soldier’s costume and this is a great example which can be worn on its own or with the faux leather coat. This super German Officer comprises of the jacket, trousers, belt, boot tops and the hat which is everything you’ll require for the perfect characterisation.
Herr Flick Costume for 'Allo 'Allo parties
This is a black uniform which is in keeping with the Gestapo officers and this is a stylised example which can be worn on its own or with the faux leather coat. This super Herr Flick officer’s costume comprises of the jacket, trousers, belts, boot tops and the hat which is everything you’ll require for the perfect characterisation.  Now just who is going to play Helga your faithful assistant?
‘Allo ‘Allo Accessories
This is just a very small selection of our French themed costume accessories which includes wigs, false moustaches, cute feather dusters, garters and lots more.  For the complete list, check out the entire range here;
For a quick and easy outfit, and useful for the host to have spare in case anyone should attempt to get into the party without fancy dress, these simple instant fancy dress outfits comprise of a beret, red for women and black for men and a blue and white checked scarf. In the men’s set there is also a black stick-on moustache which completes the look.
Onion String for French Costumes
Made famous by the Onion Johnnies who rode around the streets selling their onions to British housewives, a string of onions around the neck has become symbolic of the Frenchman.  Add these to any instant dress up set to complete the look perfectly – and without the tears.
French Policeman's Hat or Kepi from Karnival Costumes
Part of the comedy genius of ‘Allo ‘Allo was the introduction of the French speaking British undercover spy as the local French policeman – Crabtree famous for not being able to speak it correctly and it was these mispronounced expressions which made him such a hit with the viewers. A classic example of this is when he says ‘Good Moaning’ instead of ‘Good Morning’.  This black Kepi is very similar to the hat worn with his outfit and if you add a small cape you’ll be a long way there.
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