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Wickedly Fun Games for Halloween

Posted on 25th July 2014
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Wickedly Funny Games for Halloween

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 Planning a Halloween party can be stressful so here at Karnival Costumes we like to help as much as we can to make the process as simple as possible. And with a little planning you too can have an enjoyable time so whether you’re planning a Halloween party for a large group or you just looking for a few ideas of fun games to play as a family, you can find many great games that can be enjoyed by all ages whether they’re dressed in Halloween costume or not!
Monster Walk
Grab some small pumpkin squashes, or similar sized objects like tennis balls fr example, and get ready to Monster Walk! This can either be played as a competitive team game or just enjoyed for the sheer fun of it – and we know that all the adults will love to join in! For the team game, create two even teams, depending on the size of the play area, team members can either face each other with a distance between, or you can work out a course for them to follow and return.  When you’re ready, the first team member places the small pumpkin between their knees, raises their arms so that they are outstretched in from of them and then attempts to make their way across to the second person in the team with this being repeated until everyone has had a go. If the pumpkin is dropped during the walk, then they return back to their starting point and try again. The first team to successfully make it to the finish wins.
Ghost Hunter
We love this game as we get a few minutes of peace and if you want to experience the same eerie calm, try a game of Ghost Hunter! This game is a surefire winner which you’ll adapt and play throughout the year. In this version, with the exception of the host, guests are divided into equal teams and they are each give a coloured sticker, one colour per team.  The host (the Ghost Hunter) stands blindfolded beside a pumpkin facing away from the players who have to try their hand at being sneaky and quiet as Halloween ghosts. The goal of the game is for each ghost to reach the pumpkin and place their sticker on it without being heard. If the hunter hears them approaching, they call out “stop ghost” and point in the direction that they think the ghost is coming from. If they are right and have pointed in the right direction, that ghost is out of the game. The team with the most stickers on the pumpkin at the end of the game wins.
Diving for Squirmy Worms
Everyone knows the traditional game of bobbing for apples but sometimes this can be a bit too messy and frankly, it’s not really suitable for younger children, but Diving for squirmy worms can be. For each player you’ll need a paper plate, three or four gummy worms and whipped (squirty) cream with which to hide the worms. Tips; 1) you can’t prepare the plates too far in advance as the texture of the cream will collapse 2) the bigger the worms, the more cream will be required to over them 3) have plenty of napkins and wet-wipes to hand. Players are only allowed to use their mouth to dig around in the whipped cream to find their worms. The first person to find all of the worms in the mess wins.
Build a Scarecrow
Get creative while building a Scarecrow and if you’re lucky enough to be having a bonfire and fireworks on November 5th, it can double as Guy Fawkes. This can either be a team challenge or you can get everyone combining their creative talent to create one Scarecrow at the party. For this you’ll need to gather up enough supplies in advance to allow the teams to express their creativity with their own scarecrow. Find some old trousers, shirts, different types of stuffing – normally scrunched up newspapers or straw for the traditionalists plus broomsticks, poles small branches and whatever else you can find that you think could be used to build a scarecrow. Tip; small children, who’ll love this activity, will require help sewing the top and trousers together. Once the construction is completed, everyone at the party should vote on which is best. Personally, mine always wins the ‘ugliest category’, hold on though, I’ve never built a scarecrow…blooming cheek!
With games like these for you to fall back on, nobody needs to be bored at a Halloween party. We’re sure that even the most sullen will find one of these games appealing enough to join in with. My grandparents always loved the Monster Walk only they didn’t need to put anything between their knees… tee hee! 
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