101 Dalmatians Costume Accessories

101 Dalmatian Dress Up Accessories

Having made sure that you have the right 101 Dalmatians costume for your party, you'll need to make sure that you have the right accessories to complete the look and in this section we hope we've included everything you'll need to make you look spectacular. From Cruella de Vil wigs in black and white, which will be great too if you support Newcastle, to long cigarette holders, long gloves and dalmation dog handbags. If you need to economise, but you still need somewhere to keep your phone and a couple of bits and piecdes, you could get a scrap of dalmation fur fabric and make yourself a simple bag for the night. If your dress-up outfit is as a dalmation dog, we've got black and white Snazaroo face paints and brushes and sponges so that you can make sure you look the part, from head to tail!