1950's Fancy Dress Costumes for Ladies

50's Costumes for Women

The 1950's were fabulous not only for the relief felt at the end of the war years but because it was the decade when rock 'n roll was created and towards the end of teh decade Elvis Presley had won and taken the mantle as being the King of rock & roll although the music was initially championed by a host of artists including Bill Haley and the Comets, Little Richard and Buddy Holly, to mention just a few of the many notable stars. It was also a time when going to the movies was at it's most popular and men idolised women like Sophia Loren and young women swooned over their idels like Ricky Nelson whilst the matenee stars held the housewife in the palms of the hands.And at Karnival Costumes, every one of our 50's fancy dress costumes for women will instantly transport you back in time. Famous stars made these fashions with people like Peggy Lee making the close-fitting sweater popular for females. So joi9n in the fun, throw some money in the jukebox and get back to this bygone age. In this collection of 50's costumes for women you'll find outfits like the 50's Housewife costume or you could chhose from a variety of adult Poodle skirt women's costumes or even the iconic pink lady satin jacket which featured in the musical Grease.