1960's Fancy Dress for Men

60S Costumes for Men

Back in the Swinging Sixties Bill and Ben ruled the TV (well at least for me!), Mods and Rockers ruled the Bank Holidays, England ruled the football pitch - we did and we've never - nor should we- let the world forget it, mini-skirts and mini-dresses were everywhere and the Merseybeat ruled the pop charts.  And oh yes, they'd have us believe that everything was Groovy Baby so in that case and with so much going for it, what could be better for a groovy Sixties party? So if you're looking for a man's costume from the sixties our collection of 60s Fancy Dress for Men is the place to find something just right for you. Whether you're looking for a colourful Beatles costume from the end of the Sixties or their Grey Suit adopted at the start of their meteoric rise to fame they're all here along with our stylised 60s Footballers costumes and along with Mod fancy dress which could be worn either for the inevitable beach fight on a bank holiday or in tribute to the Who. At Karnival Costumes you'll find a wide range of 60s fancy dress for men along with themed costume accessories t perfectly complete the look. Yeah, groovy, baby!