20s Costumes

1920s Costumes

In the wake of the war there was there was a feeling of liberation and it's not for nothing that the time is referred to as the Roaring Twenties. At Karnival Costumes, our collection of 1920s Fancy Dress is inspired by the era that bought us wild dancing, jazz musicians, fashion houses and motion pictures. And with the dances of the day, women were finally liberated from the constricting fashions, and to a lesser degree the stern morality, that preceded the decade. Legs as well as ankles were flaunted in public with dress hemlines becoming dramatically shorter. Men's fashion in the twenties remained a little more reserved and formal with suits and blazers remaining popular. The twenties are also associated with the growth of the American gangsters with prohibition and the growth of the Speakeasy. In this section you'll find some stunning flapper costumes and impressive gangster suits as well as a host of other 1920s costumes which perfectly reflect the time.