40s Costumes

1940's Costumes

The 1940's was a decade of war and it's aftermath and this naturally had  big impact on the style of the time. Our 1940s Fancy Dress is heavily influenced by this global event and we have a great selection of military costumes from this hugely influential era which saw women taking over the previously male dominated manufacturing roles and our female factory worker costume is a perfect outfit to represent this. And having sampled this 'freedom', many were reluctant to return solely to domestic duties. So here you'll find a number of traditional World War 2 uniforms for men as well as the heroes of the home guard. And in addition to the lady's factory worker, we've also got an ever popular Land Girl costume which was worn by both country and city girls alike. So if you're looking for 1940s costumes that have just a touch of reality, then this is just the place to look.