60s Fancy Dress

60s Fancy Dress Costumes

What could be better for a groovy party? Well nothing goes down better than a 60s Fancy Dress Costumes theme. Whether you're looking for a swinging costume with a 60s style mini skirt and large beehive hairstyle alternatively you could adopt a Yeah Baby, Austin Powers costume theme complete with velvet suit and ruffled jabot. Or for a memory trip down to Brighton why not take a stroll back to the era of the Mods and Rockers with our Mods costumes for boys and girls. At Karnival Costumes - the fancy dress experts - we have a great selection of groovy 60s costumes.  And for the real 60's look, why not choose a wig in a flick-up, beehive or even a hippy style - we've got them all as well as jewellery as well as a collection of glasses and boots and shoes all of which will complete the sixties look perfectly and which will finish off any costume. With Karnival Costumes you'll find a wide range of 60s costumes and themed costume accessories for you to choose from. Yeah, groovy, baby!