80s Costumes

80s Costumes for Adults

Definitely one of the most popular decades for costume parties, the 80's were known for big weddings, blockbuster movies and cheesy pop music.  And looking back at it some very cheesy hair styles and the bigger and cheesier the better for completing your own eighties fancy dress. In the 80's everyone knew how to party and for your authentic 80's costume, you're going to need to look as if you fit in and our selection of disco dresses and 80's pop prince costumes will certainly put you ahead of the pack. Now we know it takes time to grow your own hair and you might not want to look like an eighties throwback for weeks so you might want some help from our wig selection in order to get that authentic hairstyle - and what could complete your 80s fancy dress better?  At Karnival Costumes you're assured of finding a superb range of 80's wigs from the king of cheese Jason wig, through the punk's favourite Mahican wig and any number of rock diva's wigs to name a few. With these and a carefully selected costume accessory from the time you'll be able to assemble the perfect 80s Costume.