Adam and Eve Costumes

Adam and Eve Fancy Dress Costumes

According to Creationists, right back at the Dawn of Mankind in the Garden of Eden, God created man and from a spare rib, woman. Believe it or not the choice is yours, all we know however is that the idea has stuck and its produced the story of Adam and Eve and from that we can get a fantastic fancy dress costume theme. Hugely popular at summer festivals and anytime the weather gets hot, our Adam and Eve Costumes come in a range of styles from the daring to the more modest all over jumpsuits with attached greenery!  So if your searching for a historical costume for your next themed fancy dress party, then why not look back to the start and choose an Adam costume or Eve fancy dress and for those of you wanting to put a spin on the theme, why not go for our tempting Red Apple costume? And if these are a little too distant, at Karnival Costumes we have one of the coolest collections of historical costumes for you to choose from, and our buyers are always busy finding new costumes from different ages so our stocks and selection are being updated constantly.