Morphsuits and Bodysuits

Morphsuits and Bodysuit Costumes

One of the latest phenomenons sweeping the country is that of dressing up in skin tight bodysuits in either plain or patterned designs.  So great is the demand for these suits that we have a whole category deicated to them and it contains our full range of second skin body suits.  To assist you, we’ve broken this down into plain coloured costumes with those with patterns on being shown separately and these include a body that appears to be an X-Ray, a bright yellow Crash Test Dummy, Zombie Costumes, Mummy Costume plus lots more.  All of these morphsuits and bodysuit costumes are designed so you can see, breathe and move comfortably in them, but you will appear completely opaque to your friends and family and be covered from head to toe in a stretchy lycra material. These skin tight suits are a fun idea for fancy dress party wear, and they’re a definite hit for club nights as well at a stag party!