African National Costumes

If you're looking for unusual costume theme from around the world then we think that the idea of an African Fancy Dress Costume sounds just fine. With a colourful and vibrant culture, this is a super idea for your next themed costume party. So why not offer your friends and guests the chance to go globetrotting to Africa or even through the jungle, without having to go anywhere at all! At Karnival Costumes we've collected the best of the African Costumes and Accessories, including some beautiful tribal jewellery, so you'll be sure of finding a African tribal chief's outfit, or villagers fancy dress here. 

So now you've established that you want to be an international globetrotter you can find out just how easy it can be and without leaving home!  At Karnival Costumes we've taken all the best African nations themed fancy dress costumes and accessories and assembled them all in the one place for you - right here. So whether you have dreams of becoming the tribal elder, a trader in a bazaar or even a proud and impressive Zulu warrior on the plains around Ladysmith you're sure to find the right costume here. Plus, at Karnival Costumes we have lots of accessories for you ranging from crafted tribal jewellery through to native spears so that you can complete the look. So now your only problem is deciding whether an African costume is for you or where else you want to go. 

african Fancy dress costumes & Accessories