Arabian Nights Costumes - Gents

Arab Costumes for Men

With loads of wealth and almost unlimited power, at Karnival Costumes we guess that every man has, at some time, dreamed of being a rich potentate from the Middle East, well with this super collection of Arab costumes for men you too can join that elite, if only for a few hours.  And we've wads of phoney cash for you to splash around like it's going out of fashion. With costume prices to make everyone's pocket smile, you could choose from the simple Bedouin Arab costume or at the other end of the scale, how about the richness of the silks of a Persian Prince's costume? So in no time you'll be able to join in with Lawrence or Arabia to create your own fables of the Arabian Nights.  And by the way, should you want to actually become our celebrated historical figure, we've got a Lawrence of Arabia costume! To complete the look, as well as the cash, we have a fantastic variety of Arabian themed accessories that are perfect on there own or as finishing touches to any of our costumes.