Bloody Bandages

Halloween Props and Medical Costume Accessories, this is a collection of bloody bandages from Karnival Costumes your Halloween specialistsHalloween Props - Bloody Bandages

With all of the severed limbs, decapitated heads and freshly plucked internal organs on offer at Halloween, you might wonder if anything can be done to prevent such loss of body parts. Well at Karnival Costumes we believe that it's never too late and we've assembled a collection of bandages for you to sue to stop the rot. The trouble is that they are from our Halloween Props range and they're therefore already blooded. So for a collection of Bloody Bandages, this is the place to be. Some are simple bandages as you would know them whilst others are pre-shaped ready to be worn on the head, leg or arm. Now we make no promises as to how successful you'll be in making a success of your repairs and like the limbs and other body parts, these are these fantastic Halloween props, they are also super for incorporating into your Hospital themed party as well.
So if you're looking some pre-blooded bandages suitable for completing your own Halloween costume or Zombie outfit then this is the place to be and if you need any theatrical blood fluid to freshen up your wounds or make them look more realistic we have plenty!