Body Parts - Internal Organs

Warning: Some of the images in this section of Internal Body Organs might not be suitable for younger customers from Karnival Costumes your Halloween specialistsHalloween Props - Internal Organs

Warning: some of these items may not be suitable for everyone and to avoid any upset we would advise some care if you are viewing these Halloween Props in the company of children.
When Halloween comes around, there's always an increase in demand for our fake body parts and Internal Organs that look perfect either on the butchers offal tray or alternatively stored in in lab jars on some dusty shelf under the watch of some mad scientist. At Karnival Costumes not only do we have a fabulous collection of severed limbs and decapitated heads, we also we have a collection of Internal Organs and small body parts all looking fresh with that just plucked from the body look.  Not only are these spectacular Halloween props, they are also super Hospital themed party accessories as well.