Body Parts - Legs and Feet

Warning: some of these items may not be suitable for everyone and to avoid any upset we would advise some care if you are viewing these Halloween Props in the company of children. 
We know that Halloween is about gore and at Karnival Costumes we've think we've got everything you need including a collection of Severed Legs and Feet. So if you need body parts at your Halloween bash a selection of blood dripping bodyparts strewn around your party area will be fantastic. So if you're planning any sort of Gorefest this Halloween you'll need a selection of severed limbs along with ready supply of theatrical blood fluidto ensure you make the right impression. At Karnival Costumes we stock a large selection of fake Body Parts including Severed Legs and Feet - just right for scaring your friends at your next party.  Not only are these fantastic Halloween props, they are perfect to use at your Hospital themed party or any of the Slasher movie parties.