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Warning: Some of our Body Parts bits and pieces might not be suitable for younger customers rom Karnival Costumes your Halloween specialistsHalloween Props - All Other Body Parts

Warning: some of these items may not be suitable for everyone and to avoid any upset we would advise some care if you are viewing these Halloween Props in the company of children. 
So if you're looking for more body parts to accompany your severed limbs, or perhaps you're looking for something for your pocket, oh say to snack on later in the evening then we have a complete selection for you to choose from. Some continue the theme of being gory and bloody whilst others are more family friendly so you've plenty to choose from. And if you've chosen a Zombie costume look for your party, then you'll need a healthy supply of zombie limbs for your guests oh and to save waiting around, we've also got some zombie babies, er shall we say, pre-made. And we've plenty of theatrical blood gels and liquid to make all your bits and piece will look fresh! And as well Halloween most of these parts will be super for your Hospital themed party or any gory Slasher movie parties.
Bag of Bones

Bag of Bones

Bag of Bones Bag of Bones various sizes. These are pre-drilled if you want to string them together. Great for Pre-Historic, Pirate or Native Warrio... view details
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Severed Thumb from a collection of fake body parts and other Halloween Props at Karnival Costumes

Cut Off Thumb

Horror Severed Thumb  From our extensive collection of fake body parts to complete your Halloween party scene or other gorefest, this is a rubber l... view details

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