Bodysuits - All


It's well know that the newest craze becomes the hottest craze around and it's no real surprise to us that dressing up in skin tight bodysuits is the latest phenomenon to sweep the country.  Everywhere you can see people covered head to toe in a stretchy lycra material and so popular are these suits that we have sections devoted to them in either with a patterned design or in plain colours. Our second skin bodysuits, morphsuits and skinz costumes are all basically the same and they're designed so that you can see, breathe, move comfortably in them and even take a quick drink through them all of this whilst you appear completely opaque to those around you. These skin tight suits are a fun idea for fancy dress party wear, and they’re a definite hit for club nights as well at a stag party!  in this section, we've brought all of the collection together so you'll find all of them here.  It's a longer section to view so if you know if you want a plain or patterned bodysuit, you could start directly with that section.