Warning: Fake internal body parts including Brains which may be disturbing to some - frrankly to me it's like looking enviously into a car showroom at something I'll never have - anyway these are from Karnival Costumes your Halloween specialistsBrains

Be warned, some of these items will not be suitable for all and we would suggest some guidance if you are viewing these in the company of children.
Okay let's get the jokes out of the way at the beginning; if they were a desease then I'd be in the best of health or if I had one I'd be dangerous etc. Karnival Costumes we've a healthy selection of fake Brains for your Halloween party, Sweeney Todd theme or simply for your Gorefest celebration of the Salsher Movies. ome are blooded in sacks, others are loose or in lab jars waiting to be stored on some dusty shelf with still more being packed on trays ready for display in your fridge or freezer. Sometimes it's the little things that make the big difference at a Halloween party! At Karnival Costumes not only do we have a fabulous collection of plucked brains, severed limbs and decapitated heads, we also we have a selection of Internal Organs and other small body parts all looking fresh as if just removed.  Not only are these spectacular Halloween props, they are also super for your Hospital themed party as well.