Chinese Tableware

A collection of Chinese New Year Party Tableware at Karnival Costumes

Chinese New Year Party Tableware

Chinese New Year celebrations are some of the most colourful in the world and the world is a big place! Steeped in mystical symbolism and the power offered by colours it's a time of celebration that is spread across 15 days, each of which has it's own significance and each being given over to it's theme. For us in the West, we know it as a time of celebration as more of us join in with the vibrant and explosive street parades and we've adopted it as our second start of the New Year.

And for those wanting to join in the fun, at Karnival Costumes we've lots of costumes and dress-up accessories that'll make sure your own party goes with a swing. For your Chinese New Year buffet table we've a collection of Chinese New Year Party Tableware that includes not only plates and colourful plastic cutlery, but Chinese takeaway food boxes, fortune cookies and even Chinese restaurant wipes all of which will allow you to fully immerse our guests in this cultural experience. Gong Xi Fa Chai.