Come Fly With Me

Following the success of ‘Little Britain’ and ‘Little Britain USA’, Matt Lucas and David Walliams set about bringing their next wacky new series to our screens called 'Come Fly With Me’. Set in an airport and following the lives of the people who hold it all together - including airline owners, check-in staff, fast-food workers, immigration officers, pilots and cabin crew, as well as the passengers – Come Fly With Me is a mockumentary series which saw Walliams and Lucas doing what they do best: dressing as over-the-top characters.  And this makes it a frantastic party theme as there is plenty of scope for everyone to join in.  At Karnival Costumes we have all of the main ome Fly With Me character fancy dress outfits as well as the required wigs and make-up. So for the entire range from Melody and Keely the Fy-Lo check girl costumes through to Precious the Coffee Shop worker's costume and Taaj the airport workers uniform dive on in. And we've even got Fearghal's Our Lady Air airline steward costume.