DangerMouse Costumes for Adults

Who could ever foget probably the best secret agent the world has ever know. Forget James Bond with his witty one-liners, we're talking about Dagermouse the best one-eyed agent around. So good in fact that they created his own song with unfogetable lyrics. Damn, I've forgotten them..!  Well, for those of you who don't know DangerMouse is a very English cartoon hero from the Eighties who had a loyal army of fans and had afternoon audiences of around 6 million. Created around a wacky and hilarious series of adventures featuring our white, one-eyed, secret agent mouse and his bumbling assistant, the daft hampster Penfold who pretty much needed saving in every episode.  Well if you were one of the legends of devoted fans who adored the cartoon series, or maybe you've an 80's costume party to attend, at Karnival Costumes we've got the DangerMouse costumes, as well as the patriotic - and idiotic - Penfold fancy dress for you to choose from. So if the idea of being DangerMouse appeals, and why wouldn't it, you've a choice of the classic DangerMouse white costume or the more silky smooth James Bond style of Suited Secret Agent fancy dress and for those really wanting to show the flag, our Union Jack Dangermouse outfit which matches Penfold's costume with the UJ jacket.  So grab the outfit of your choice and join in the fun as you do battle with monsters, master criminals and fiends of all descriptions, including Baron Greenback their arch nemisis and melogmanic Frog.