David Walliams Fancy Dress

David Walliams Character Fancy Dress

David Walliams' writing and characterisation has created some of the very best laugh-out-loud and heart-warming books for children. From his debut novel in 2000, David is a multi-times winner of the pretigious National Book Awards Children's Book of the Year. Not only that, but his work is also available in 46 languages, (crumbs, I didn't even know there were forty six languages) and he's even being compared to the great Roahld Dahl. So it' no wonder that some of his most famous characters have been created as children's fancy dress costumes. These are perfect for costume parties and a treat for school Book Day dress-up events, why not treat your favourite child to a bopk and a costume and get them hooked on interactive play and the world of reading.