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CSI Detective fancy dress from Karnival CostumesJames Bond and Sherlock Holmes fancy dress costumes for asultsIt's okay running around dressed in a Policeman or Policewoman costume and these will be instantly recognised but there's an awful lot more to police work than the front line force and this means you've even more choice when it comes to picking the right costume party outfit for you.  In this section we have our detective costumes which includes our Sherlock Holmes fancy dress for both men and women and surely there can be no better sleuth than the fictional character brought to life by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle? With Sherlock costumes and lots of accessories to suit you can celebrate the master crime solver in style. Or perhaps you want to be more modern in your approach and your looking for a terrific party fancy dress in the US style, well for you we have our CSI costumes  which will either have you dressed and looking glam or alternatively have you in a our Forensic fancy dress costume complete with face-mask! And if this is too real for you why not escape to fantasy land with our superb - and very affordable - James Bond costume, although we can't guarantee that wearing the outfit will make you the master of the witty one-liner