Don Post - Halloween Make Up

The Don Post studios is one of the world's leading special effects design houses and their skills are very much in demand by both production companies and movie makers alike.  The studio is most famous for creating rubber masks which have been used in some of the most recognisable movies of our time including Star Wars and Halloween film series. They've alos worked on some of the most groundbreaking horror movies we know and their work includes the Pinhead masks and the classic Cenobites from the Hellraiser movie franchise.  In addition to their collection of iconic masks, the Don Post Studios have also developed a range of low cost latex prosthetics allowing everyone to get that Hollywood movie look. And here at Karnival Costumes, we're proud to be able to not only bring you some of these products but also to do so at bargain prices, so when you buy your Don Post horror prosthetics as well as looking great you'll be saving money as well. But take note, these are some of the best Halloween make-up effects around and if you planning on attanding a family party, they may be just a bit extreme.