Dumbo Movie Fancy Dress

Dumbo fancy dress costumes and dress-up for children - all fully licensed by DisneyDisney's Dumbo Fancy Dress

Whether or not you prefer the original musical cartoon from Disney, now over 70 years old, there is no doubt that this new live-action movie, directed by Tim Burton and based on the original 1941 cartoon will become a classic with family audiences around the world. Dumbo is a charming baby elephant with oversized ears. When it's discovered that he can fly, he soon becomes the main attraction revitalizing the prviously run-down circus. And his adventures are only just beginning. And with this new animated Dumbo and the live action movie plucking at your heartstrings, it's time to get your children dressed for the best circus party in town! With a magical girl's tutu and a boy's jumpsuit it's possible for everyone to step into the spotlight and have the audience eating out of their trunk.