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Eighties Fancy Dress Costumes for Men and Women

Who doesn’t love the Eighties? The 80’s was the decade when it was really rather cool to dress and look both flashy and slightly ridiculous. Everyone was going over-the-top with their fashions from the rugged manly dirty look of the rock stars to the preened and glossy look adopted by the rising tide of rap stars. And with pop and disco leading the entertainment world for most, casual wear was heavily influenced by the fashions in both. If you’re planning to dress up in 80s fancy dress why not consider the following ideas: Adopt the disco beat with either of the fashion leaders of the time, for guys try one of our Michael Jackson costumes with hat or wig and for the ladies, it has to be a Madonna fancy dress with neon beads or oversized jeweled crucifix. Heavy Metal, we’ve a number of Rock Star costumes with huge wigs and glam looking costume accessories, or even one of our Rap Star fancy dress with oversize trousers and inflatable boom-box radios.  So take your time and remember the 80s was a decade remembered mostly for its catchy pop and rock music most of which still lives on today and the fashion statements made back then have since become immortalised in Back to the Eighties costume parties and events and at Karnival Costumes, we’ve everything you need to stand out amongst the crowd.