England Flags

St George Flag - St George's Flag - Flag of St George

The English flag is derived from the St. George Cross and indeed is often referred to as the St. George flag. It is a red cross on a white background. The England flag technically has no official use within the UK, but it has increasingly been used at sporting events and national days, such as St. George's Day. You'll see these at football and rugby matches, waved by fans. The flag of St George is available in both 3'x2' and 5'x3' sized flags as well as smaller hand waving flags on sticks and in a length of bunting in either cloth or plastic. Additionally, it's also available as a wearable cape, head boppers and sandwich flags. As well as the St. George cross you'll also find the Rose and Lion, both symbols of the English, as well as the lion flags which can be seen at football events.