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Fake Nose - Boozers Hooter | Karnival Costumes

Boozers Hooter

Fake Nose - Boozers Hooter From our large collection of body parts and latex special effects range of cinematographic make-up effects, this is our ... view details

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Boxer's Battered Nose

Boxers Nose

Boxer's Battered Nose Pre-painted latex prosthetic boxer's battered nose with adhesive. This is a great value latex prosthetic fake nose wh... view details

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F/X Makeup - Broken Nose

Broken Nose

Fake Nose - Broken Nose A latex broken fake nose from our F/X Special Effects range of cinematographic make-up effects. This is a single piece, pre... view details

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Brown Ear Tips from a collection of fake body parts from Karnival Costumes

Brown Ear Tips

Pointed Brown Ear Tips From our large collection of costume ears and other body parts, this is a pair of pointed brown ear tips. This is a pair of ... view details

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