Friday the 13th Costumes - Gents

Friday the 13th Costumes for Men

Friday the 13th is one of the most successful American horror slasher film series all of which focused on the fictional mass murders carried out by the lead character Jason Voorhees. It's success in part must be due to the fact that the series is one of the most prolific slasher franchises of all time and as such its helped to define the slasher movie genre. From the remoteness of Crystal Lake to the bustle of Manhattan and even further afield into outer space, Jason Voorhees has murdered his way everywhere and done it all, including a crossover film Freddy vs Jason. This volume of work, including the film where both characters met allows you masses of scope when selecting your own Halloween costume - and as you've seen, even if the party theme is Friday the 13th, you could still go as Freddy, although you'd probably be answering questions all night!  And we should tell you now, that in the is section of Friday the 13th Costumes for Men, you'll only find Jason Voorhees' in any and all of his many guises and definitely no Krueger!