Funny Costumes - Comical Baby Fancy Dress


Everybody loves a baby no matter what flavour it is, and with the selection of adult sized Baby Fancy Dress available here at Karnival Costumes you'll be sure to get yourself into the position of sharing some of the love! And if you need an excuse for your childish behaviour then we can think of nothing better than dressing up as a big kid! Now for the very brave we have the adult Nappy, Nappy Pin and oversized Dummy in our Instant Baby Kit, and for the less outgoing we have full size romper style Sleep Suits in both blue and pink. The sleep suits also make a great couples costume idea and they can be finished off with any number of accessories which we've included in a separate section which you can find here.
Don't forget, these are only a small - very small - selection of our costume accessories and should you want to see more, they can all be found by selecting this direct link to fancy dress costume accessories.  Oh, and we've added our Poopie Jammies costume into this range, nasty but blooming funny! So although your mates might give you some stick down the pub, as a fancy dress costume for men it's a sure fire winner when it comes to finding some maternal love!