Glamourama Wigs

Ladies Glamourama Wig Range

At all times in history, the glamour girl has been instantly recognised by their clothes, demeanour and their hairstyles and this remains as true today as it has ever been. So if you want to stand out from the crowd and garner your own red carpet appearance at your next fancy dress costume party it's a glamour hairstyle that you'll need. Okay, a nice outfit or costume will help but a stand-out hairstyle or wig is really what will set you apart especially if it's the reverse of your normal style. At Karnival Costumes, we've lots of different glamour wigs for you to choose from and this particular range, our Glamourama range, all have the same shape which a wide fringe and long length, lower than the shoulders. The range is available in a number of colours, some traditional like black, auburn blonde etc with others allowing you to throw off your normal persona and grasp something different for a change with zany neon yellow, spooktacular neon green through to out of this world purple. So when you want to make a statement, choose a wig from our Glamourama range.  We would recommend the wearing of a suitable wig cap beneath the wig.