Grease the Musical Costumes

From it's production in 1978 the film Grease has been one of the most watched and best loved musicals in the world and with such a wide cast of characters to choose from, the options for a Grease themed fancy dress party are huge. Nowadays there is a huge collection of fancy dress costumes from the Grease film and these are available for both sexes and pretty much all ages - so if you want to be a T-Bird or a Pink Lady - and you get to choose between being; Betty Rizzo, Frenchy, Jan or Marty Maraschino the original pink ladies, at Karnival Costumes we have the outfit to make it look as though you've stepped straight from the set of Grease itself. With fities Grease costumes and loads of period costume accessories we have have everything you'll need and these Grease costumes are great for couples who want to match their fancy dress outfits and perfect if you want to break out in song. Remember, for fancy dress costumes, Grease is the word!