Halloween Dungeon Spiders and Web

Halloween Spiders and Spider Web

Halloween Spiders and Web from a huge collection of Halloween props and decorations
Halloween is a time for scaring and thgere are not many people we know who are not affraid of spiders or even more spooky of touching a spiders web. And it's fear that we can play upon when it comes to setting the stage for our own Halloween parties. At Karnival Costumes we've a great selection of both spiders and spiders webs. From the smallest neon coloured spiders which will amuse even the most jumpy of children, through to some real monsters with leg spans upto 90" across and which have battery operated light up eyes. We've also a great collection of Halloween spider webs, from the fine stretchable type through to huge corded webs which will fill a complete wall and some of these have their attached spiders in the middle.