Halloween Horror Movie Masks

Horror Movie Masks

Halloween is a fun time of the year for most people throughout their lives starting with trick-or-treating for sweets and goodies when a child through to going to Halloween parties as an adult. Supposedly a time when evil creatures haunt the streets to terrify everyone around, Hollywood has had a long tradition of making horror movies that feature maniacal killers stalking people and killing anyone in their path whilst leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. And Horror movies received a big shot in the arm when a whole new movie genre was born during the late seventies - Slasher Movie. 
Along with lots of themed Horror Movie Costumes, Karnival Costumes has a large selection of Horror movie masks and these make excellent costume accessories with many people simply wearing one of these instantly recognisable masks without a costume for Halloween. Jason Voorhees masks and any of those from the more recent Saw masks from the franchise of movies are popular horror movie masks since those characters have prompted much of the popularity in these 'slasher flicks'.

Jason Voorhees took the slasher genre to a new level with his style of destruction. The classic hockey style Jason Voorhees mask is instantly recognised and is enough to be a a frightening sight and if surprised by the wearer you'll see people gasping in horror. At Karnival Costumes we have a number of examples of the Jason Voorhees mask with each style having its foundation in the iconic hockey goalie mask. Other horror movie masks from Karnival Costumes include masks used in the movies Scream, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Nightmare on Elm Street, Beetlejuice and more. We have many more styles of horror masks to complement a variety of great outfits outside of those from the movies.