Billy Bob Custom Fit Zombie Teeth

Billy Bob Custom Fit Zombie Teeth by Billy Bob 10096 available here at Karnival Costumes online Halloween party shop

Billy Bob Custom Fit Zombie Teeth

Product Ref: US710096

Billy Bob Zombie Teeth

Billy Bob Zombie Teeth ref 10096 available here at Karnival Costumes online party shopFrom Billy Bob one of the most trusted and leading maker of fake teeth, this is the perfect set of Zombie custom fit teeth to complete your Halloween flesh eating monster costume and which will have you redy to chew on a brain in aflash! This is a gnarled set of pre-coloured dentures that fit over your own teeth the individual teeth being pre-stained with a dark brown tinge. This set would also work well for any member of a staneage tribe with teir flesh eating ways! These Billy-Bob Teeth are super realistic custom-fit joke teeth made with the same acrylics as used in real denture making. Each set of teeth comes with one set of thermal beads which through a simple once only process creates a permanent custom fit allowing you to wea ryour Billy-Bobs time and time again in fact everytime you want to blend in with the un-dead! Each set comes with fitting instructions and Billy Bob teeth are frequently used and seen in movies and TV productions. And yes, they do look better in the mouth than they do in the picture! 
Warning: Not for use over Braces or Dentures.

Billy Bob - Halloween Zombie Teeth

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