Happy Hour Costumes - Gents

Welcome to the Happy Hour range of fancy dress costumes for men. This is a collection of the best drinking costumes around as they have been especially designed to allow you to take your favourite tipple with you when you go out celebrating.  In this section we showcase all of our Happy Hour costumes for men and each of these has a unique way of concealing a beverage container and dispenser as part of the costume design. So for those attending a Religious themed costume party where you wish to ensure you don't run out of booze, you could select our Holy Hammered costume which has a flask hidden in the good book, or you could choose to be even more righteous with our Ten Commandments fancy dress which has moses carrying the tablet of stone from which you can miraculously dispense the tipple of your choice. For Oktoberfest you might want to select our Beer Keg which actually dispenses beer whilst you wear it or, our favourite, our Miss Oktoberbreast costume which has a unique arrangement for storing and dispensing beer - and it's sure to have your mates in fits of laughter. And this is just a selection of ideas.
This range of costumes is recommended for Ages 18 and Over.