Happy Hour Costumes - Ladies

Welcome to the Happy Hour range of fancy dress costumes for women. This is a collection of the best drinking costumes around as they have been especially designed to allow you to take and share your favourite tipple with your closest friends when you go out celebrating.  And you may even be sharing with new friends as you will find you get plenty of attention throughout the night.  In this section we showcase all of our Happy Hour costumes for ladies and each has a unique way of concealing either a beverage container or glasses, or even both as part of the costume design. So if your attending an Oktoberfest celebratin you could choose our Beer Garden Maid costume which comes complete with a shoulder strap, mini-glasses and bottle holder or alternatively you could be a real booy dazzler in our Heidi Go Lightly Fancy Dress Costume from those great costume makers at Dreamgirls.  Not only does this super Heidi costume come with a light-up costume, she also has her own light-up beer tankard which is perfect for the big celebration.  And don't this we can't help you if you are staying closer to home as with our Scottie Hottie Sexy Scotsgirl Fancy Dress Costume and our Sassy Lassie St Patrick's Day Fancy Dress Costume we have both Scotland and Ireland catered for with both costumes having bottle holders and glasses as part of the design.  Want to travel further afield, with Vodka Geisha Fancy Dress Costume which has a cute vodka glass belt.  And this is just a selection of ideas.
This range of costumes is recommended for Ages 18 and Over.