Horror Klown Masks

Horror Clown Masks for Halloween from Karnival Costumes Halloween Clown Masks

For centuries the character of the clown has been part of society with a purpose has always been the same to amuse and entertain. However, they have a darker and more sinister side and that's where colourphobia, the chronic phobia of clowns come in. The main characteristic of the clown is a painted face with exaggerated and brightly coloured facial features which help to emphasize the emotions. And although clowns are meant to be happy there are plenty of truly scary and frightening clown masks which are based on a morphing of the traditional happy character into sinister and wicked features, the result being one of the creepiest Halloween looks out there.  At Karnival Costumes we've a great range of Horror Halloween Clown Masks and our buyers are always busy finding new masks from all of the leading manufacturers so our stocks and selection are being updated constantly.