Horror Movie Costume Themes

Horror Movie Costumes

It's true we're all a little bit crazy, take for instance, why is it that we like nothing more than staring at the big screen while being literally scared witless and out of our seats? Think of some of the biggest Halloween movies like Friday the 13th or Halloween which make even walking back to the carpark or bus stop one of the most frightening trips you'll ever make! Now you can start to inflict that on others as you become one of your own personal favorite character from the movies, or why not combine looks to create your own entirely new ghoulish and scary character with our themed costume categories. For over-the-top in spikes, try our Hellraiser costumes or for something creepy try our Chucky adult costume collection which caters for both men and women. With the Bates Motel reopening for business our Phsyco Garnny costume will let you create your own nerve tingling creepy scenes. Speaking of creepy, check out our super deluxe Leprechaun costume. It's sure to scare your trick or treaters plus any party interlopers will get the surprise of their lives. You may prefer ta little drink with your 'meal' and may we suggest our Hannibal Lector straight jacket and restraint mask? And if you want something different to other people fright movie costumes, we've hundreds more for you to choose from for the stars of your own scary movie.