Indian Costumes

Indian and Bollywood Fancy Dress Costumes

Visiting India is not like going to just another country but more like visiting another world. It has unique blend of its culture going back to a legendary past which has allowed it to grow into today's zestful vibrant present. India presents a fascinating diversity in its people, places customs, traditions, religions, dialects, geography beginning in the majestic Himalayas and descending across lush green plains and mighty vastness to submerge in not one but three seas. It has some of the best beaches in the world and the romantic desert with the caravans and nomads traveling. Travelogue over. India also represents a fantastic costume party theme with National Curry Week being just one opportunity for you to host your own Indian costume party. And with all of the enthusiasm of an Indian movie musical, why not make our own production a Bollywood Costume party with music and dancing taken from any of the easily available films? At Karnival Costumes we've a selection of Indian themed costumes and a range of costume accessories to perfectly complete your colourful fancy dress outfit.