IT Clown Pennywise

IT The Movie - Pennywise Costumes

As one of the scariest slasher movie monsters around, Pennywise the Clown was created by the master of the horror genre Stephen King and was brought so effectively to life by Tim Curry as the painted, leering face of the 1990's blockbuster movie. The story of IT the Movie, for those who don't know or who have chosen to try and forget it to rid themselves of the nightmares is this: A group of kids form a club called the Losers Club and they encounter a creature called "IT" which preys on children and who has a favourite manifestation in the form of the sadistic clown called Pennywise. Shoot forward in time and the creature resurfaces and the members of the Losers Club, now adults, are called upon to regroup to fight the evil again even though they have no memory of their firt encounter.  At Karnival Costumes we love the work of Stephen King and we're happy to have a small collection of Pennywise costumes and Horror Klown themed accessories and props, including our animated Circus Zombie Clown.