Matrix Costumes

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If you’ve swallowed the correct colour of pill then you are about to head into the fabulous world of the Matrix and at Karnival Costumes we’ll help you dress like either your favourite hero or one of their arch rivals. We have a range the iconic characters featured in the trilogy of movie block busters. For the guys, you can be the one himself, the charismatic Neo in our men’s Neo fancy dress costume or you could opt for our Morpheous costume and take on the responsibility of training Neo in the ways of the real world. Opposing them on the darker side of the Matrix you could take our fantastic Twins fancy dress costume for which there is a stunning character wig, or our plain black suit costume, adding a pair of dark glasses to become the agent Mr Smith. And ladies can become the toughest girl inside and out of the Matrix with our Trinity fancy dress costume. So join us for a collection of Matrix Costumes.