Mob Caps or Beer Maid Hats

Yes it really is a Mobcap and the term dates back to the 18th and early 19th centuries so it's definitely true that there is nothing new.  Besides what they are called, and most people call then Mop caps (but hey, you know better - right?), these are a useful fancy dress accessory and can be used to complete your Oktoberfest beer maid costumes or your serving wench costume as well as your Willy Winkie nightshirt or Victorian bathing girl outfits.  At Karnival Costumes we have a collection of Mob Caps for you to choose from with the elaborate ones being  finished with an edging of lace and delicate bows or wide brims, whilst the more simple ones just use the elastication to create a floppy brim.  As you would expect, these are available in a range of prices.