Only Fools and Horses Costumes

Only Fools and Horses is the classic and award winning British sitcom from the pen of John Sullivan.  Seven series of TV comedy show and numerous Christmas Specials from the BBC, along with an endless supply of repeats on the satellite channels, have all gone to make this a real classic in the truest sense of the words. Set in Peckham which can be found in the south of London, it follows the hilarious antics of the Trotters and their life within Trotters Independent Trading and much of the show's huge success comes from the lovable characters of the street wise Del Boy and his brother Rodney along with Granddad and then Uncle Albert.  As an audience we get to follow them through some of the most memorable comedy scenes. At Karnival Costumes we're happy to announce the arrival of our Only Fools and Horses costumes which are guaranteed to be lovely jubbly.