Other Animal Costumes

Okay, we've tried to separate our childrens animal fancy dress costumes into their major groups and we think we're pretty much there but then there are always hose wee beasties that we have no idea where to place them, so we've come up with this selection of Other Animal costumes.  Not the prettiest of names we'll grant you and if you've got a better idea let us know and we'll consider changing it.  In the meantime and until then, this is where you'll be able to find a Kids Bat costume, a Robin (not of Batman fame - think Christmas, question why are they associated with the festive season? Answer below) along side Turtle costume (again not Mutant Ninja - there filed under TV and Film!).  The perfect place to start if you're looking for something slightly less mainstream. And remember at Karnival Costumes we're always on the lookout for new releases and new deigns are being added all the time so we're sure to have a kid's animal costume just right for your special occasion.