Penguin Costumes

Penguin Fancy dress Costumes

Ever since Happy Feet came out in the cinemas there has been a colossal demand for Penguin Fancy Dress Costumes, so much so that we devoted a whole section to them! We know of groups of penguins who have skied down mountain sides, run marathons (with some of the less fit of the species running only half-marathons - okay, I admit that I can't even run for a bus, but hey, I'm not a penguin), whilst other groups have sat watching both rugby and cricket matches. Who'd have known that penguins lived such a varied life.  So if you're looking for a comical penguin costume or even an all in one body suit designed like a penguin at Karnival Costumes you're at the right place as we've got all of these plus hooped penguins and even fluffy ones and these are only for the adults, don't get me started on the kids versions..! And before you ask us, yes we know what you get if you unwrap a penguin! So if you're in the mood for something different for your next costume party or you just fancy the idea of having Happy feet, then pick your outfit. And don't worry of you've left it late to order as with our same day shipping and next day delivery, we'll definitely get you ready for the ice in a flash!