Pink Ribbon

Pink Ribbon - Breast Cancer Awareness

At Karnival Costumes we just love the idea of the Wear it Pink Campaign which is usually part of Breast Cancer Awareness month in October although the Pink Ribbon Foundation and Wear it Pink campaigns promote fund raising events throughout the year. We like to encourage others to look 'Pretty in Pink' and to Wear it Proud. Okay, it's bad grammar but you know where we're coming from. Although the colour pink is most commonly associated with women, when worn by a man it makes a truly bold, stand-out statement. And with pink being the colour associated with some of the most amazing charities and causes it's obvious that we would devote a whole section to the colour! So whether it's for a fundraising event or a pink ribbon themed hen night, we have a great selection in colours ranging from pretty baby pink through to the vibrancy of Neon Shocking Pink. So Pink Wigs, Pink Costumes, Pink Gloves , Pink Hats, decorations and disposable tableware can all be found here.