Pirate Costumes

So you're looking for a pirate costume eh?  Well we don't think that ye could have come to a better place than this eer store as Karnival Costumes be riggin' out pirates of all sizes for these last long years. Look, we don't normally talk like this but as EVERY September 19th is International Talk Like A Pirate Day we though we be getting in some practise like.  okay we're not much good at it either, but what we do know is that we've one of the best collections of Pirate fancy dress costumes and accessories that you'll find anywhere around these seven seas. And in this section you'll be able to find all of those for adults. Should ye be wantin' a kiddies costume then ye better head on over to the right place, to 'elp ye, this eer X marks the spot. Nope we're not getting any better at it! So grab and outfit and enjoy the fun at either your own pirate costume party or for something different, why not join in with the fun this September!